Piano Lessons

I teach private piano lessons to students from 6 to 60. I use Zoom, FaceTime, and will come to your home.  My other experience is at Mary Institute Country Day School’s (MICDS) after school program.

Early students focus on repetition and how to sit at the piano.  These students generally learn from memorization and hand motion rather than reading dots on a page.  More advanced students are taught from their current level based on their aspirations.

I coach all my students to use their ear and intuition to “figure out” the pieces. This method helps the student build their natural talent and confidence.  My lessons are a fun guide rather than a step-by-step instruction.

After students learn the building blocks of piano, they pick the music that interests them. This in addition to the materials I recommend and helps them grow their ear and their love of music.

I have 25 years of experience teaching piano and know that all students are individuals who learn at their own rate. I take the time to make sure the concepts are understood and the music follows.

Music must come from both the heart and the mind.  Focusing on either one exclusively leads to an imbalance.

Please contact Brian for more information and to discuss lessons.