Piano Lessons

Brian teaches private piano lessons extensively to students of all levels at Mozingo Music in West County, his home in Kirkwood, and for an after school program at Mary Institute Country Day School in Ladue.

In the beginning, focus is given to hand position and placement as well as proper stance at the piano. When students are very young, reading the notes is less emphasized and focus is given to playing in rhythm and with even volume. Students generally memorize from repetition and hand motion rather than intellectual understanding of the material.

As a student progresses, more attention is given to reading the notes and using ones ear and musical intuition to “figure out” the pieces. It is hoped that the student becomes more and more autonomous in their studies and the lessons are a guide rather than step-by-step instruction and the teacher becomes a sounding board and mentor rather than one who dictates every move.

Music must come from both the heart and the mind.

It is important to realize that learning an instrument is a process and not something done quickly. Every student progresses at their own rate and “forcing it” on someone is generally an ineffective long-term strategy. Music must come from both the heart and the mind. Focusing on either one exclusively leads to an imbalance in playing and the student not wanting to continue or doing so begrudgingly.

Please contact Brian for more information and to discuss lesson possibilities.